BEECH ISLAND, S.C. (WJBF) – Day One Fitness is a Non-profit organization serving people with neurological diseases and disorders through high intensity exercise.

“So Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia, we also do stroke recovery, and recently multiple sclerosis,” said Program Assistant, Amanda Waters.

Recently thanks to grants and donations the gym was able to get some new equipment.

“So this is Keiser Pneumatic Equipment, it’s all worked by an air compressor. So instead of traditional weight machines you see in the gym, you don’t have to use a pin to go and adjust it from lighter to heavier. You don’t have to use heavy plates to get what you’re looking for. It’s all controlled right here in your hands,” said Waters.

The new equipment is beneficial to Day One, and its members.

It’s really easy for them to get in and out of the machine, whereas the other machines are made to work around, these actually help you get in and out easier,” said Waters.

Coming up is the gym’s annual fundraiser, “Birdies for Brain Health,” a charity golf tournament where all the proceeds benefit the gym.

“It’s over at Woodside Plantation in Aiken, and we raise a lot of money for the gym, so it’s coming up on Monday and we’re really excited to have you here.”

Day One Fitness is thankful for everyone who has donated to them so far and they’ll continue to keep helping those who need it.

Birdies for Brain Health is happening Monday, May 8th, at Woodside Plantation in Aiken.