AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Daniel Field is now on the radar of Augusta commissioners due to the size of its stormwater bill.

“Will want to discuss it and it shouldn’t be much of a discussion they should be paying the storm water fee like any other entity,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.  

Daniel Field is a city enterprise but gets billed a stormwater fee, but the airport hasn’t paid in two years racking up a nearly $45,000 bill. 

Daniel Field Commission Chairman David Fields says it’s about not violating FAA rules by diverting airport revenues.

“And we feel like, and we’ve been told by our attorneys that is revenue diversion, so they recommended to us not to pay the storm water fee,” said Fields.

Augusta is in year seven of charging a stormwater fee, so how do commissioners feel about the city airport not paying up?

“We got to get them on board, if you’re here in Augusta, and you’re an entity of the Augusta government, you got to pay your share, we’re going to look in on that and get them on board,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.

“Should the airport be paying?”
“I think we should have that conversation and figure out why they’re not paying,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

Because Daniel Field says paying the fee could make Augusta liable to pay back FAA grants.  

“If the city wants to push it, we’ll pay it and then the city will be responsible for the city grants, all those FAA grants we’ve gotten, which is millions of dollars, and I know the taxpayers of Richmond County don’t want that,” said Fields. 

Augusta commissioners will get the final say on what they want from Daniel Field, and where their stormwater fees will land.