AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — As a city enterprise Daniel Field’s position on paying the stormwater fee is something Augusta officials are not high on.  

“A part of the government like Daniel Field and sit back and say they’re not going to pay the storm water fee that is very discouraging,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

Daniel Field creates a lot of stormwater runoff, so its stormwater fee bill is big, more than $2,000 a month. 

But city records show Daniel Field hasn’t paid the city in almost two years and is now nearly $45,000 behind. 

“I was aware of that I’m aware of how much they should be paying,” said Commissioner John Clarke.  

Commissioner Clarke is the commission liaison to the Daniel Field Airport Board and sits in on meetings and says the airport believes the fee is a diversion of airport revenues.

The legal counsel of the airport has given direction that they’re waiting to have a meeting, they’ve tried to have a meeting with storm water and the administrator for two years now,” said Commissioner Clarke.

The news of Daniel Field’s nonpayment was made public by city engineers during Tuesday committee meeting when Clarke was calling for in-depth audit of the stormwater program.

“It coming to light during the meeting was a way of saying, you keep on, we’ll keep on, it was a way to shut me up, it’s not going to shut me up,” said Clarke.

Clarke says Daniel Field’s refusal to pay the stormwater fee is evidence an audit of the program is needed, though others disagree,  

“They need to be responsible and pay the fee,” said Commissioner Williams.  

Daniel Field will be sitting down with Augusta officials later this month to discuss the fee, but for some not paying it is not going to fly.