Daniel Field Airport gets attention Masters week


The play at Augusta National isn’t the only thing getting attention this week. 

A crowd has been gathering watching planes fly in and out of Daniel Field.

It’s a busy week here at the daniel field airport as the masters continues some family say, it’s a family tradition to watch the planes fly in and fly out.

“This morning they started as early as 7 o’clock… when can we go see the plane, are we going to watch the planes,” says Stephanie Lewis.

Stephanie Lewis brings her boys out every year and the reason for that is simple.

“Because it’s fun watching them take off,” says Jaxson Lewis, Stephanie Lewis son.

This runway greets airplanes and people, airport workers say, it’s a show as pilots circle around in preperation for landing. Marketing Director, Becky Shealy says being family friendly is one of the airport’s missions. 

“We truly do consider this augusta air show because they do get to see the planes take off and land and we’re also hoping that by them bringing their kids out is actually going to encourage their kids to maybe want to pursue a career in avation.”

And that’s exactly what it does for Sam Naber.

“I’m trying to learn how to fly airplanes and i learn by watching other people.”

Paying close attention to detail.

“See how they manuver, see how they take off, how they land. The timing and all that.”

Things can get pretty hectic this week, but shealy says airport workers all know how to handle it.

“Best way to describe it, it’s just a well orchestrated symphony. Every department has a job to do, knows what to do and when to do and it all sinks together.”

There are currently 71 planes on the runway and they expect that number to raise as the planes keep coming. 

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