AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta is known around the world as a hub for cyber. Still, a Georgia congressman said the field could use a lot more workers.

“Cyber threats, things like that,” said Rep. Rick Allen, who represents Georgia’s 12th District. “And, of course, they’re also doing other services for corporations all over the country.”

The need to fight the country’s enemy online keeps growing.

“One time at Fort Gordon, they’re getting a million hits a day. These aren’t our friends. They’re adversaries. We’ve got all the trolls out there. We don’t know where those people are. It’s a real problem. Everybody needs to tighten up security. Colonial Pipeline. They only had one code to get there,” he said.

And those who can do the job go to work for Unisys. But after a tour and conversation in the facility restricted to our cameras, Congressman Allen said a workforce is needed.

“They need to hire 150 more technicians,” Rep. Allen said. “They were asking me where do we get them.”

And the solution, he said, depends on his colleagues in Washington.

“We’ve got to look at merit based Immigration Reform,” Allen said. “We have over a million students that get student visas here in this country every year and then they go back home. These are very bright, STEM graduates that we could use right here with a temporary work permit, for example.”

Allen added leaders at Unisys have a job to do too, recruiting people locally.

“What I’ve asked them to do is get involved in the technical schools and in the high schools. We’ve got AR Johnson right here, that’s a stem school.”