FORT GORDON, Ga. (WJBF)- Sunday afternoon people gathered to honor the lives of those who served on the forefront during World War II. 

“Moments like this are just a great opportunity to put all of this together, representing your nation, spread values in which you believe,” Major Davide Tornese said.

The Cyber Center of Excellence at Fort Gordon held the German-Italian Wreath Laying Ceremony. 

Italian Army Liaison Officer Major Davide Tornese says he’s grateful to serve. 

“On one side, it’s a big challenge, but on the other hand, we– it’s provided me with a lot of good results which I am very proud of.” 

Wreaths were placed at the sites for both Italian and German lives that were laid to rest so far from home. 

“Gathering here to share this and also appreciate what people before us did and because of that they couldn’t live their life and what they wanted to do. So, we are here for them,” Major Tornese said.

People from all over traveled to pay their respects to the fallen soldiers. 

Lieutenant Colonel Sascha Blackenburg says this day means a whole lot. 

“I think the best way we can honor and remember our fallen comrades is working together, talk to each other and not only celebrate or commemorate days like that, but kind of remember what happened and then move forward.”

The ceremony finished with a reception for people to fellowship.

“We are working together, we are sharing information, we are sharing common values and with that we are standing together, and I think an alliance is always stronger than one nation alone,” Lt. Blackenburg said.