CSRA growth includes senior citizen boom


MARTINEZ, Ga. (WJBF) – The CSRA is booming, from cyber to medicine to higher education. Lots of new families are coming here for new jobs. The growth also makes way for another type of resident, seniors.

We’ve told countless growth stories – businesses and people moving into the CSRA. But not all of those new communities include working families. Some are at that crossroad in life where a tough decision must be made.

Thrive at Augusta Senior Living President Melita Winnick sat down with NewsChannel 6. She told us local economic experts have the numbers to prove the community is growing.

“There are over 17 people a day moving into the area and many of those have family that they’re moving and relocating from other cities,” she said.

The CSRA continues to grow with an outpouring of families relocating due to Georgia’s cyber appeal and more. But not all movers are working families.

Winnick said that’s why the new senior living community is needed.

She explained, “There is a significant need for assisted living as well as memory care and we see independent living as well growing here in the area.”

That blend of senior care will exist at an old 40 acre horse farm off Furys Ferry Road. Thrive at Augusta Senior Living hopes to satisfy the need many families are faced with when loved ones get older.

“Gray hair does not mean frailty,” said Sharon Norsworthy, Thrive’s Community Relations Director. She added that Thrive steps in to alleviate the stress many families ultimately face regarding care.

“The daughter goes back to being the daughter and the mother goes back to being the mother,” she said. “So, the time that they spend together is a time to thrive with purpose and joy and not have to worry about did mom take her medications, did mom eat, is mom exercising, is mom getting out of her suite. We’re going to make sure that takes place.”

The new facility holds 100 people. Those who make Thrive home have everything from chef-prepared meals to a ride to the doctor’s office.

“We were the first community over ten years ago to have community wide WiFi,” Winnick told us. “That doesn’t sound like much now, but ten years ago, that’s huge.”

Thrive currently uses just 13 of its 40 acres with the understanding that it very well may need to expand as the CSRA continues to grow. The grand opening is July 25.

For more information about Thrive at Augusta Senior Living, click here.

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