AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Many people are opposing Georgia’s new voting bills that are moving through the legislature. Democratic, state leaders from the CSRA say the battle for voting rights is not over.

“Democrats are fighting very hard to stay on a straightened arrow but every time there is a success, bills come up like this,” according to Rep. Gloria Fraizer.

CSRA delegates and several others discussed Senate Bill 71 and House Bill 531 during a “Protect Your Voting Rights” town hall meeting Tuesday.

Frazier said, “Voter suppression is racism and so that’s where we are. We’re constantly going backwards.”

House Bill 531 would require an ID for absentee voting, limit weekend early voting and limit ballot drop boxes. Monday, the Georgia House passed the bill moving it forward to the Senate. State Rep. Barry Fleming, a Harlem Republican, is the bill’s main sponsor.

“People’s personal information had been exposed a few years ago and the bill does address how this information is going to kept confidential,” said Rep. Carolyn Hugley of Columbus.

Frazier added, “Everything that’s in HB 531 and I know all you have discussed, every obstacle that has been put in this bill, we will overcome it.”

Senate Bill 71 may end Georgia’s no-excuse absentee system. It’s been in place since 2005. Right now, voters must give a reason why they should be allowed to vote absentee, but the bill would change that. State Senator Harold Jones says transparency with the bill is a big issue.

“The frustration level is very high here without a doubt but we’re going to continue to move forward and do what we can to establish good records here when they give us litigation and as we get ready to mobilize against these efforts,” said Jones.

Recently, Augusta commissioners unanimously approved a resolution opposing Georgia election law changes.

Continue to stick with us for the latest developments as these bills move through the state legislature.