CSRA Campers Learning All Things Cyber


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)CyberPatriot Camp is underway in Augusta. Campers will learn all things cyber while putting their tech skills to the test this week at the Georgia Cyber Center.

This is the second time in summer 2019 for the CyberPatriot Camp.

In the cyber world, there’s an offense and a defense but the CyberPatriot camp is designed to give campers skills in defense-hardening. Meaning at the end of the camp, kids will know how to assess and eliminate a threat in the virtual world.

Last year, the Alliance for Fort Gordon decided they needed to get people started early so they can find success in the cyber industry, so now they are hosting this camp which is sponsored by the Air Force Association and a variety of other companies.

While many kids will be outside playing during this week of summer, campers at the CyberPatriot camp will have their own playground right on their computer screen, training for a future career.

Are you kind of blown away about some of the things these kids can do and what they learn through here at the Cyber Center?”

“Absolutely. The aptitude of these kids, you know, because they already have so much digital literacy because of the devices they work on every day so the background they come in with is great,” responded Cybersecurity Program Manager Nicole Cliff.

Dr. Tom Clark, the Executive Director of the Alliance for Ft. Gordon said, “Hopefully, the spark starts here and then they go to our high schools and they go into our cyber tracks. From there, twelfth grade, they get work released to our cyber industry and from there we employ them. Right here in Augusta and the Ft. Gordon Cyber District.”

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