Court date scheduled for proposed South Augusta rehab facility


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A court date for a lawsuit filed on behalf of a local non-profit against the City of Augusta is set.

The Hale Foundation in downtown Augusta is looking to expand its services by opening a drug-treatment facility in the Green Meadows neighborhood. This has been on the minds of many for years. Now issues surrounding the proposal are going to be heard in superior court on June 15.

“I just don’t want them in our neighborhood,” said a neighbor who preferred not to be identified.

The fight continues for those who oppose Valor Station, a proposed rehabilitation facility for first responders.

The Hale Foundation President and CEO, Cliff Richards, said, “The need is definitely out there. I think the need is continually great.”

“I just want to feel safe and with that facility going up, I don’t feel safe,” said the neighbor.

The lawsuit that will be heard in June was filed in September last year. It claims the city’s decision to reject the group’s request for permits to build Valor Station violates the Americans with Disabilities Act and several other laws.

Richards said, “Because we can’t get up and running with Valor Station and these first responders continually need help, our clinical director has started seeing clients on just a volunteer-type basis.”

“It doesn’t belong here because as it was stated, there’s a lot of people who live here who are retired a lot of us,” asserted the neighbor.

As parties await the court date, Richards said his group is seeing an increase in clients.

He added, “There is and yeah, it’s not only just locally it’s just from around the Southeast.”

“They have no way of controlling where those people are wandering off to. And my concern is, when my grandson comes and visits me, am I going to be afraid for him to go outside,” questioned the neighbor.

Other neighbors NewsChannel 6 spoke with off-camera resoundingly said they’re not against the idea of a rehab facility for first responders but there are areas where Valor Station would be a better fit.

Continue to stick with us as this issue heads to court.

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