Couple shares their 72-year love story through a book signing on Valentine’s Day weekend


AUGUSTA, Ga. – “Please let that little boy be the boy that I see again. I didn’t want to see another boy. I wanted to see the little Sunday School boy again. And then shonuff in 5 years we ended up together again. And here we are 72-years together,” says Dorothy Jackson, Isaac’s Wife and co-author.

When Dorothy Jackson was 10-years-old, she met 11-year-old Isaac Jackson Jr. When he was riding his bike from that day, both of them knew they were meant for each other.

“Something struck me like a magnet and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I didn’t know why I felt like that, because I wasn’t sick…but something kept telling me to follow your feelings and listen to her heart,” says Isaac Jackson, Dorothy’s husband and co-author.

The two didn’t see each other for years, but by fate they met again in high school. when they reconnected, they started dating and Isaac later proposed to Dorothy in the 10th grade. the Jacksons got married after graduation and went on to have 2 boys and 2 girls.

Today, Isaac and Dorothy share their 72-year love story through their first book signing at 2nd & Charles. In the book “Our Love Story”, they share with readers the key to a happy, long marriage.

“If you compromise with one another and trust one another and talk it out, you can make it..that’s all it takes to make a marriage a life. And if you do that, you’ll live together to death do you part. Never forget your marriage vows,” says Dorothy.

Isaac would write and Dorothy would co-write by filling in details if Isaac left out anything.

By sharing their book with the community, they hope their story can help someone’s relationship along the way.

“It’s just something that we did, It doesn’t have to be something they need to do, but it’s the way we came up, we lived, came together, and put things together, and that’s been the whole time we’ve been married,” says Isaac.

Isaac and Dorothy Jackson’s book can be found and purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and 2nd & Charles.

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