AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Copeland Elementary is taking spelling bees to a whole new level.

The school held its third annual Spanish spelling bee today. Students from the 4th and 5th grades participated as the rest of the school cheered them on.

“Kids are ready and they are prepared to show you what they’ve learned in Spanish Class. It’s very exciting, it’s fun and they are learning,” said Spanish Teacher Yaqueline Garcia.

Copeland Elementary earned the International Baccalaureate authorization and used it to support cultural inclusion and second language connections that enhance students’ experience in the program.

“In high school, they are going to have Spanish on a daily basis. So, I think this is the best system for them to prepare for the future. We aren’t promoting just language and culture, we are promoting international mindset, and we’re promoting incentive for them to be international citizens,” said Garcia.

The kids enjoyed the entire process.

“It was definitely a nice experience to learn all the Spanish words. We had a sheet with all the words, and we would practice those words daily. It was pretty fun because it can really help you in life,” said Spelling Bee contestant, Justine Alberto Perez.

“When I first walked on stage, I was kind of shy, but when I started saying the words and getting them right, I wasn’t shy anymore,” said Spelling Bee winner, Julian Ryescarrion.

This year’s winners were Julian Ryescarrion and Mason Page.

“I felt good winning the Spelling Bee, it’s a new feeling,” said Julian.

“And I also felt good because I was able to learn a new language and I was really nervous. My heart started to pound when I was sitting down but I was able to win,” said Spelling Bee winner, Mason Page.

In the end, all of the students who participated were winners.