FORT GORDON (WJBF) — “Frankly I believe that we will be the new Silicon Valley of United States right here in our in our district,” said Rick Allen, US Representative.

Changes are being made on Fort Gordon.

“Well, obviously, new headquarters, new campus, you know that campus is 50 years old and because of NSA and in cyber and of course the signal crew is growing as well” said Allen.

In April, demolition began on the historic signal towers. They’re being replaced by a new cyber technology campus for soldiers.

While Fort Gordon continues to expand, Allen says the war between Russian and Ukraine won’t get in the way.

“It’s unfortunate that Russia is one not only taking a toll on their own country but what they are doing to Ukraine and my heart goes out to those people it’s just a sad situation” said Allen.

He says his focus for Fort Gordon and the new cyber campus is to continue to grow technology for army soldiers.

“We’ve got great leadership there we’ve got seven generals we got soldiers and Airman’s in the US Navy there collaborating like I said dealing with our adversaries’ around the world” said Allen.

Allen also says there are more things happening at Fort Gordon in the future that will be mentioned at a later time.