AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF) — Local organizations make sure individuals and different communities are staying safe in case of an active shooter emergency.

For some, hateful actions aren’t too far away, and if you look down the street people in the local Jewish community are facing those hardships.

“What we’re doing today is two training classes: situational awareness, how to always be aware of your surroundings should anything— should a threat evolve so you can react as quick as possible. And then we’re also doing active threat training, like worst case scenario, how to stay alive in an active threat, active shooter event,” Community Security Director Neil Rabinovitz said.

The training was hosted at the Congregation Children of Israel with support from #StrongAugusta. 

“We want them to have those tools in their toolbox should they ever find themselves in a situation–a violent situation or concerning situation so they know what to do, they know how to react and respond,” Rabinovitz said.

With antisemitism brewing at the top of the pot, people within the Jewish society ask for one thing.

“Just be aware of your surroundings, see what’s ahead of you, look and don’t walk blindly into a situation,” member of Congregation Children of Israel Steve Fishman said.

Member of the Congregation Children of Israel Steven Fishman says education is key.

“People just aren’t aware of it and— we are seeing more aggressiveness and it’s something that we need to be more aware of and try to stop before it’s allowed to even start,” Fishman said.