Confederate Statue Destroyed


The people in Sylvania feel like they lost a piece of history.

NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson spoke to one person at the Screven County Memorial Cemetery.

Charles Reed told Devin the destruction of the Confederate statue will affect the community forever.

“We could have talked about things and reached an understanding, instead of jerking these things down,” explained Reed.

It once stood as a symbol of history, but now the statue is gone because someone destroyed it.


People in Sylvania are driving to the cemetery to see what’s left of it.

Reed visits his parents at the cemetery daily. They are buried just a few feet away from the statue. He says he’s upset someone would destroy a part of the community.

“I’m just sad that it happened and I certainly hope they find who did it,” said Reed.

The Sylvania resident remembers when the statue stood in a park before it was moved to make way for a parking lot.

But it found a new resting place in the Screven County Memorial Cemetery. Now that it is gone, Reed believes history is being erased.  

“That statue was to memorialize the soldier,” explained retired veteran, Colonel David Titus.

Titus says he wishes the destroyer had learned the history of the statue.

“More 340,000 soldiers lost their lives in the south, in the civil war conflict,” said Titus.

The destruction of the memorial has also gained attention from the Georgia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans.

They’re offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the suspect’s arrest.

Colonel Titus says he hopes the statue can be restored and placed back into the community. 

“The narrative there said it all,” explained Titus. “I can almost come to tears when I read about that happening.”

Both Reed and Titus encourage people to take legal action, instead of destroying any piece of history.

“You can’t bury our history, we learn from our history,” said Titus. “We learn from our mistakes, and we move on.”

The Sylvania Police Department needs your help to find the suspect.

If you have any information, call (912) 564-2046.

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