AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Augusta commissioners voted to apply to be the county ambulance zone provider, next week is likely to be make or break.  

“We do run the risk of not accepting that contract and not getting the zone, there is a risk of that. That’s why if we don’t have a majority vote on the 9th it’s going to be a long day,” said Mayor Garnett Johnson. 

Commissioners have no ambulance contract to look at, but on Monday the city went out for proposals from ambulance companies. 

Those bids are back on February 6th.  

Commissioners will hold a special meeting on February 9th to vote on a contract, allowing the city to apply to the state to get the ambulance zone.  

But there is no room for delay, the deadline to apply is the next day February 10th.  

“A little unprecedented, especially some of the conversations I’ve had with some of our other directors. They’ve never seen an RFP turned around this quick. We’re up against the clock,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Brandon Garrett. 

“Hopefully we’ll come up with a solution next week, I don’t know if this contract is going to be the answer because of the fact that we can’t even change anything or have discussions about it. You’re your either going to vote for it or you’re not going to vote for it,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.  

 And no vote to approve will mean no chance for the city to get the ambulance zone. 

“We could definitely fumble on this and I’m hoping that we don’t, “said Mayor Johnson.