SANDERSVILLE, GA ( WJBF) –The Washington County Sheriff’s Office and the GBI are still investigating after two people were shot and killed Sunday at the Larry Mitchell Ball Park.

Investigators said there was no bag check or security at the event that nearly 1,000 people attended.

“We’re going to take every avenue we can to ensure that we don’t have another incident like this,” Sheriff Joel Cochran said.

Washington County Sheriff Joel Cochran said this isn’t the first time they’ve had problems with events held at the park.

“We’ve had numerous occasions to visit this property at events ranging from loud music complaints, to overcrowding to fights. We’ve had several instances out there where vehicles were shot up,” Cochran said.

Kenneth Spikes said he heard the gunshots behind his home Sunday.

“I heard about 15 shots. People were running through the yard and falling. Cars were almost running over people. It was just a mess,” Spikes said.

He said those bullets could have hit him or someone in his family.

“I have grandboys here and they could easily have been shot or my wife or my daughter. The bullets don’t have a special place so any one of them could have come in my house and done serious damage.”

“Its been a major concern for people that live there.”

Sheriff Cochran says they’ve spoken to the owners of the park before, but in light of the shooting he wants to see more done to stop another shooting from happening

“We’ve got two people that lost their lives due to foolishness and I think its time that we take a stand. I look in the coming days and weeks the county will take some action on that property.”

As for the shooting Sheriff Cochran says they are anticipating making arrests in the near future.