Community outraged after neighbor kills pet dog with bow and arrow, then ran it over with an ATV


APPLING, Ga. (WJBF) — Some will say a dog is man’s best friend. A tight-knit community in Appling is mourning after, Richard Clayton, a neighbor, allegedly killed a dog named Zipper with a bow and arrow, then ran it over with a four-wheeler

“I lost it, and I was beyond myself,” explained Melody Ashmen. “Thank god, my daughter was not here. I lied on the ground and cried beside him.”

Ashmen told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, Zipper was the type of dog that could sense if you were ill or having a bad day. She says he and his brother buck would roam the neighborhood and make other people’s day.

“Everybody just loved him, and he never hurt anyone,” said Ashmen.

Some people are questioning why someone would do this to a dog that everyone knew.

“For him to hunt that little dog down, and he is a big guy, and shoot him with a bow and arrow then run over him with a four-wheeler, said Tamara Johnson. “I was furious and of course, I cried.”

Johnson says she use to live in the neighborhood. She says she loved it when Zipper would make his daily visit to her house.

“He has his own blanket at my house; he slept in my bed,” said Johnson. “He was like a community dog, but he was very special to us.”

Zipper’s impact has brought two strangers together for the first time. Even though he is no longer here, his presence is still felt.

“I have never met this family; never meet Melody,” said Johnson. “I just put a very good picture I had of Zipper on Facebook and said Justice for Zipper.”

“I don’t even know this person, and she loves my animal this much,” explained Ashmen. “Because he wasn’t just an animal, he was our family.”

Ashmen adds they are planning to do something special for Zipper sometime soon.

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