LINCOLNTON, Ga. (WJBF) – The community comes together in support of a local legendary coach who lost his home in a fire in August. 

From friends to former students and family- people headed to the green on Monday morning to support Coach Terry Holder. 

It’s been nearly a month since Terry Holder and his wife lost their home in a fire. 

Since then, he tells us the support he’s received has been overflowing.

“It’s just good to see them and know that they’re thinking about us,” said Terry Holder, a former coach at Greenbrier, Evans and Thomson. “We’re just that fortunate.”

People in the community showed up at Rocky Branch Golf Club for an 8:30 tee time on Monday to continue that support.

His grandson, William, says he’s enjoying spending more time with his grandparents lately. He’s also a recent baseball commit at Georgia Southern.

“Growing up, he’s always been hard on me baseball-wise,” said William Holder. “And, so, it really means a lot to me that I can show him, like, that what he’s been helping me work for has really paid off.”

Anthony Sweat met Coach Holder when he joined the Greenbrier football team in 1995. He says that, whenever he got in trouble, Coach could always get him in line.

“My mom would call Coach Holder and he would definitely handle it- do some pushups, so squat thrusts,” said Sweat. “So, to be able…like I tell people, all of the investment he made in us, this tournament is paying back some dividends to him in a time of need. So it’s a perfect situation.”

“It feels good,” said Justin Brown, a teammate of Coach Holder’s grandson. “You know, we seen him earlier and he had a smile on his face so, I mean, that’s always good. It’s just good to bring everybody out here. Everybody knows we’re working for the same cause here.”

Coach Holder says he’s gladly spending a lot of his time writing ‘thank you’ notes to people.

“The Lord has blessed us with so many people doing His work and helping us out,” said Coach Holder. “It’s just been amazing. And we’re so thankful that we live in a community that’s just been so good to us.”

If you’d like to support the Holders, you can head over to #HolderStrong t-shirts are also available at Fan Zone on Washington Road in Evans.