Community donates hundreds of books in honor of Shaylin Foster’s legacy


AUGUSTA, Ga. – This week marks two years since Shaylin Foster was killed in a car crash, but her legacy and love for reading are carrying on through the “Books for Shay” program.

“We just today remember Shaylin by just doing acts of kindness.Shaylin believes small acts of kindness can change the world,” says Chasity Foster, Shayin’s mother.

Two years ago, Grovetown High School senior, Shaylin Foster, died in a car accident on January 10th. One thing Shaylin’s mom shares is that Shaylin had a deep love for reading and would share that passion with other kids like her three brothers.

“He has a book that she wrote into and said we’re going to read this together, and you’re going to pass this book onto Jaden and you’re going to read to him and it’s just that love of reading that she want to pass along to other kids,” says Foster.

Now her family is providing opportunities for other kids to enjoy books just as much as Shaylin did through “Books for Shay” a platform her family started to honor Shaylin’s legacy.

Shaylin’s mother, who is also a Columbia County teacher, chose Richmond County’s literacy and math center for a special bookcase dedicated to Shaylin in an effort to help kids that have little to no access to books at their home.

“So we wouldn’t have to struggle reading and would know how to read,” says Cordasia Bates, a 5th grader at the Literacy and Math Center.

“It was just like Shaylin was very persistent like no mom this school, this school. Like she kept bugging at me, so we knew this is what she wanted,” says Foster.

Schools and organizations like Grovetown Elementary, Grovetown High, and Quest Church all collected new to gently used books for the bookcase reveal.

Each book that was placed on this bookcase has a “Smiles for Shay” stamp as a constant inspiration to kids who pick up these books in hopes that they will find their love for reading…just like Shaylin did.

“The students are excited to be able to come in and choose whatever books they have to take home with them and read to their brothers and sisters, and continue to foster the love for reading for all children,” says Stacey King, Principal of the Intermediate Literacy and Math Center.

Shaylin Foster’s family has extended the deadline to January 24th to donate any new or gently used books to their website or any Columbia County school.

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