AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Eleven-year-old Justin Gilstrap continues to undergo surgeries after being attacked by Pit bulls.

The community is rallying together in support of Justin, after he was attacked on Friday. His mother says Justin continues to be “tough”. 

As Justin continues his fight, his school- Euchee Creek Elementary- is preparing for a fundraiser in his support. 

“This Friday, we are all wearing green to support Justin. The ‘JustinTough’ hashtag is green,” said Katy Yeargain, principal at Euchee Creek Elementary. “So, we are wearing green and asking everyone to donate a dollar that will go to Justin and his family.”

The school is also providing counselors and social workers for students, teachers and staff. 

Principal Yeargain says the support all started the night of the incident as some staff from the school sat with Justin’s mother in the emergency waiting room.

“The trauma surgeon came out and he talked about what a tough kid Justin is,” said Yeargain. “And he said- actually he said that God has a big purpose for Justin. Because he should not have survived. So, we just kept hearing the word ‘tough’. And one of our teachers said, ‘Well, why don’t we do #JustinTough?’ Because he’s such a tough kid.”

Other schools have also reached out in support of Justin. And people in the community continue to donate meals for Justin’s family through MealTrain.

Justin’s mother, Ericka Stevens, says she can’t wait to tell him how much people care about him.

“For him to actually see how much he’s loved and how great this community has been,” said Stevens. “Sometimes we always see the bad, but there are good people out there- they really are. I just hope he has that same spirit when he comes out of this.”

Justin’s mom also set up a GoFundMe for Justin’s medical bills – it continues to see donations daily.

She says the outpouring of love and support has been amazing.

“Our school children have made lots of cards for Justin,” said Yeargain. “And we are taking them to the hospital so that his room will be decorated. And mom will read those to him…”

Principal Yeargain says the support from Justin’s school and the community will be ongoing. 

For more information on how you can get involved, please see the links below: