AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — “See, it’s in terrible fragments, it almost really looks like the fall of Rome over here with these columns and everything,” said resident and activist Kevin de l’Aigle.

He’s talking about the monument of philanthropist Emily Tubman, which was destroyed last month after a car lost control and crashed into It.

“It’s been almost three weeks, and it’s still sitting here, nothing has been done, so we really like to see the pieces preserved, taken somewhere and where they could preserved to put back together,” said de l’Aigle.

And they want the city to pay for it. He says he’s already talked with the city’s Parks and Recreation Department. Now, he’s going in front of commissioners at Tuesday’s meeting. Those commissioners are trying to decide if the statue is owned by the city before they take action.

“A woman from the first Christian church who raised the money for it, it was put together by the state of Georgia, and it was transferred to the hands of the city and they maintained it for the last 28 years” said de L’Aigle.

De L’Aigle says regardless the city should consider helping with repairs. District 1 commissioner Jordan Johnson says he’s not sure what the next steps will be.

“We don’t know the next step, because it’s caught everybody off guard. But tomorrow, we’re going to have a conversation on the commission floor about it, and I’m sure some type of resolution can be made if at the will of the body,” said Jordan Johnson, District 1 Commissioner.

“Regardless, the city really needs to come forward and take responsibility for this, because this is this is all our city, and this is one of the greatest that you’re only two monuments to women in the city, this one and the Lucy Laney monument, so it’s very important to maintain this for all of our legacy.”

Commissioner Johnson says he does expect some type of decision to be made tomorrow. But it remains to be seen what that will be.