Committee will look at Augusta’s monuments to determine future


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) Augusta is more than 280 years old so there’s a lot of history and a lot of time has passed since landmarks and street names and monuments were put up and some of these no longer reflecting our current morality.

The confederate monument on Broad Street. the battle flag, the John C. Calhoun Expressway, all part of Augusta, and now a committee being put together to recommend if they should remain a part.

“I think its important for the committee to look at all monuments, landmarks and or streets that are named, one of the thing we can’t do is negate the fact that this is part of our history,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

Part of Augusta’s history includes the chimney for the confederate powder-works it’s all that remains of the mill it was left up to be a monument of the fallen heroes of the confederacy.

Then there’s the signers monument honoring signers of the Declaration of independence from Georgia, two of those Lyman Hall and Button Gwinnett were slave owners.

“It will be a conversation that I am confident its a conversation members of this committee will have and they’ll bring back thoughtful recommendations on what the city should or could do,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

Woodrow Wilson boyhood home is a historic spot in Augusta, but in New Jersey now his name is being removed from a school building at Princeton University.

Erick Montgomery is with Historic Augusta.

“He was a man of his times was he a racist by out definition today certainly he was but he didn’t live today,” said Erick Montgomery of Historic Augusta.

Montgomery knows about Augusta’s past and it;s monuments and landmarks but predicts tough times for this committee deciding on there future.

“This committee has a tough task it’s a lot to ask somebody because no matter what you do or what you say there will be somebody on the other side who will hate you for it,” said Montgomery.

The mayor says once this committee is formally appointed he wants it meeting within two weeks he says he will not be taking part in these meetings and he says he wants a report on findings and recommendations within 60 days in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6

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