Committee votes to tear down LEC


When it comes to the future of the old Law Enforcement Center, the feelings of some commissioners are very clear. 

I want a decision on 401, I think I made my position pretty clear. We need to demolish the building, said Commissioner Sammie Sias.

You want to get out totally? 

I’ll say it again. We need to demolish the building, said Commissioner Sias

A commission committee taking up the future of the LEC said the best course of action is to tear it down. 

Not every one agreed. 

I totally disagree with that. No one had a meeting that I know about. This is going to be our final conversation about it, said Commissioner Marion Williams. 

For a year and a half, Juvenile Court has been pushing city leaders to renovate the old Law Enforcement Center for Juvenile Court,

We thought it was more cost effective to renovate the old building. The county commission however has decided that’s not what they want to do. They’re the governing body for the people of Richmond County, said Judge Douglas Flangan

The committee approved using voter approved sales tax money to tear down the LEC, saying why risk going through the problems of leaks and mold again, but promised to immediately go to work on plans for a new Juvenile Court facility. 

We need to build big and we need to build for the future and if you do that you don’t start with a raggedy rotten building, said Commissioner Sias

Hopefully per what they just told us they will immediately start on plans for a new facility immediately. To me that means they should have a great idea of what they want to do before July 31st, said Judge Flanagan. 

There is money to tear down the LEC. Voters approved a million and a half in the 2015 sales tax package. The costs and how to pay for a new juvenile justice center are not known right now but the administrator will be reporting back at the next committee meetings with some answers.

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