Committee to hear bus shelter update


The fate of free bus shelters will go before Augusta commissioners. 

Two years ago the city received 54 used bus shelters from Jacksonville, Florida. 

Those shelters were never put on the street, and are now in storage at the landfill.

Transit officials are scheduled to report to commissioners on Tuesday the condition of the shelters, but they told NewsChannel 6 last month the shelters are not in good enough condition to be put to use.

“Our previous director was here. I thought he had looked at them. I thought he knew that they could be salvaged, we could get some use out of them. The commission didn’t see them. We just took their word. We got people to bring them up here, that was a cost from my understanding. It was some stuff they wanted to get rid off in Jacksonville,” says Commissioner Marion Williams. 

The city spent just under $13 thousand dollars to transport the shelters to Augusta from Florida. 

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