Committee moves forward on revising adult entertainment ordinance


Several Augusta commissioners wanting to give  future owners of adult night clubs some wiggle room  when it comes to serving alcohol.

“We almost have to do that  if you give them those license to do that those two things go together you may not agree with it you may not appreciate it but I think we will have to change it,” says Commissioner Marion Williams. 

Earlier this month commissioners rejected plans to allow the adult entertainment licenses for clubs downtown to be transferred to an heir.

That in the future will  bring an end to the businesses there. 

City ordinance allows strip clubs in areas of town zoned industrial, however no alcohol can be served  but a majority of commissioners are looking to change this part of city code. 

 “We have a lot of ordinances on the books that need to be updated and I think this is one of them,” says Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

 How come?”

 “Well they’re old and antiquated and this is 2019 and we can’t be in the dark ages,” said Commissioner Fennoy. 

“Yes I think they should be able to serve alcohol they’re going to do it one way or the other they’re going to do it legally or illegally let’s let them do it legal,” said Commissioner Johnny Few. 

“If we allow the  alcohol it makes it easier for these businesses to succede it’s like opening the door to strip clubs?”

“It opens the door to something that already exists an ordinance a location light industry is already there just give them some incentive so they can be successful to your point,” says Commissioner Ben Hasan. 

The vote was unanimous by the Public Services Committee to direct License and Inspection to go back and make the proposed changes to  the alcohol and adult entertainment ordinances, and report back to committee in two weeks.

 Then the change will go to the full commission.  

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