Committee increases budget for Lock and Dam fight


City leaders say they’re fighting the good fight, at Lock and Dam  but are now expressing concerns about spending a lot more good money to take on the Corps of Engineers.

“I’m worried about that Tom should have brought that to us before now we really have to have some conversations about that,” says Commissioner Marion Williams. 

“I would like to see what it is spent on first before we give more I know we had to get the engineering firms in, none have us have ever seen anything,” says Commissioner John Clarke. 

Utilities Director Tom Wiedmeier is requesting an extra 100 thousan dollars, he  says the extra money is needed because the 30 thousand dollars first approved has been spent, and another 36 thousand dollars  is still owed to the two engineering firms assisting the city.

This isn’t the first request for funding for the Lock and Dam fight.

Earlier this year Wiedmeier has requested 75 thousand dollars.

“We decided to make it 30 thousand dollars at that point and it’s really just trying to come back and complete the job they’ve already started I think we’re in a good place its the right thing to do,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

In the end the committee supported increasing the budget by 100 thousand dollars. 

 “Again it’s an important issue I think I would have supported it in the beginning if I had known yes I just think it’s an important issue and we have to keep on it,” said Commissioner Mary Davis. 

The North Augusta City Council voted to contribute 15 thousand dollars for  the Lock and Dam fight, but wiedmeier says the city has not received that money so none of it has been used to pay the engineering firms. prompting the mayor pro-tem frantom to suggest North Augusta needs to “pony up.” 

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