Commissioners will decide Fire Chief’s future


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) When it comes to the fire chief the future falls into the hands as always of the Augusta Commissioners where six votes will decided if the fire Chief stays or goes.

The heat is on Fire Chief Chris James, Augusta commissioners knowing this much is true.

“I don’t think us as representatives of the city should sweep it under the rug it needs to be settled one way or the other,” says Commissioner John Clarke.

The Augusta Professional Firefighters Association believing it is settled saying Chief James needs to retire of be fired.

“We’re not going to back down we’re not going to stop this change must happen it’s not optional,’’ says Association President Michael Tomaszewski.

But commissioners will make the call on the Chief who some say hasn’t violated any policies.

‘’As long as the policies are approved and reasonable that’s no problem I don’t see any problem with the fire department,’’ says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Other commissioners saying they don’t have enough information to make a decision now.

“When I heard about retired or fired if he done violated something to be fired then they need to bring it to the commission the commission hasn’t talked about this we haven’t discussed any of this,” says Commissioner Marion Williams

“I’m not ready to vote on the issue at all because I haven’t seen all the paperwork,” says Commissioner John Clarke.

For Sammie Sias it’s not even worth a comment.

“Anyway no comment on that,” said Commissioner Sias.

“Are these allegations serious enough you want to take a look at them?”

“No comment.” said Sias.

City leaders do have time to look at the allegations and documentation they’re not scheduled to meet for about another three weeks.

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