Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Augusta commissioners know there is a homeless problem in the Garden City, what they don’t is what the recommendations will be to address it.  

“We should have something to look at before going in I know I’ll be doing my homework on my end, if I have questions to ask, I’ll ask them,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.  

The homeless task force is scheduled to present its recommendations at a commission work session Thursday.  

Items sure to be discussed, housing needs, services needs and the need for a shelter, but some commissioners are not sure about the shelter. 

“We got money put a side, or supposedly put a side, for what I consider a homeless hotel, because it will have separate rooms, separate baths, and showers and everything, but we have no information on how that is going to run or how that is going to operate,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

Some commissioners will be taking advantage of the timing of the work session, just two weeks before the Masters to suggest moving the homeless from high traffic areas.

“I think it would be the right thing to do with the patrons coming to town yes, nobody wants to be harassed coming into Augusta, Georgia for the biggest event of the year,” said Commissioner McKnight.  

 But is moving the homeless for the Masters is not on the table.  

“Are you going to move homeless people off Washington Road is there a plan to do that?

“No sir there is no such plans as that,” said Marshal Ramone Lamkin.  

“Has there ever been one?”

“No sir,” said Lamkin.

Commissioners are waiting for recommendations to address the city homeless problem tournament week and 51 other weeks.