Commissioners to use tech to help decorum


It’s an idea whose time has come to the Augusta Commission as city leaders vote to buy a meeting management system.

“We get a little bit more decorum. out of it we do get instead of people being overlooked when they have their hand up to ask a question like that happens a lot,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

Right now when a commissioner wants to speak on an issue they raise they hands and wait to be recognized usally by the mayor.

But with the management systme they’ll hit a button and the mayor will see who wants to speak and the order of who hit their button first.

The idea is make the meetings run smoother

“This meeting management system may help I am for structure I’m hoping this is something that can help us make the meetings flow a bit better,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.

“I think it’s past due I think it will definitley keep the flow moving and make sure everybody has their chance to speak,” said Commissioner Mary Davis.

Commissioner Marion Williams does a lot of speaking at meetings and doesn’t see the use for a meeting management system.

“You’ve chaired these meetings your head is on a swivel it’s too hard,

“That’s not true George, I’ve been here 16 years next year will be 16 anyway, never had a problem recognizing anybody. you can use any old excue any old song they don’t know what your singing,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

But even supporters say the microphone system will do nothing unless commissioners act properly to each other

“There’s certain things called courtesy and if somebody else is speaking and you ought to be courtious enough to hear whay they have to say before you say anything,” said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

Commissioners made some changes to the plan voting to add eight tiny monitors so everyone can see who is in line to speak not just the mayor or the chairperson.

Total cost 27 thousand dollars and no the money is not in the 2019 budget.

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