Commissioners to get names on problem plaque


Not having his name on the plaque at the Bill Lockett walking trail at the Brigham Center is something to joke about for Commissioner Grady Smith.

“My name wasn’t on it, I contributed all that money for it, jesus maybe they misspelled my name, ” said Commissioner Smith

“Sounds like you’re being facetious here.”

“Yeah, a little bit,” said Smith.

But for some city leaders, it’s no joke at all. The walking trail plaque only includes the names of the mayor, city administrator and Recreational and Parks director.

Even though city policy states the commissioner names are to be listed on building plaques.

Similar to the one marking the renovations of the Municipal Building. 

“I say it was wrong and something really should be done about it. They make too much money to say ‘oh I made a mistake’. How many times has that happened? I just made a mistake. If you don’t know at least you ought to ask somebody. That just tells me that was total disrespect, George,” said Commissioner Marion Williams. 

The Administrators told commissioners there was an oversight but the policy does refer to buildings, not walking trails, and in the end commissioners voted to spend the money to add the commissioners names to the plaque, even though many felt it really wasn’t that big a deal. 

“We just make sure that next time that things are done properly and correctly and I don’t think there was no malice nowhere in there,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

“Let’s move on and follow the policy. Just try to, in the future, follow the policy. I think it was just a simple mistake and again I think there are bigger problems for us to deal with,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Davis. 

The administrator apologized for the misinterpretation of the plaque policy and now, with commission approval, a new marker with all the commissioners names on it will be installed.

No one asked about cost but we we’re told the replacement plaque was under one thousand dollars.

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