Augusta Commissioners to debate ending Jamestown operating agreement


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) No Mayor, Administrator or commissioners were in city government when the city entered into it’s Memorandum of Understanding with the Sandridge Community Association to operate the Jamestown Community Center. However, Tuesday commissioners will debate bringing that agreement to an end.

The Jamestown Community Center is an Augusta Recreation Department building, and some commissioners say it should be the Recreation Department running it.

“We need to look at this whole thing again, I say we got a first rate Recreation Department we need to run a first rate,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

In 1998 the city entered into an agreement with the Sandridge Community Association to operate the Jamestown Center, Commissioner Sammie Sias signing it for Sandridge.

But last week, the FBI was searching Sias’ home after he was accused of taking thousands of dollars in sales tax money that was suppose to go for Jamestown improvements, bringing the agreement into question.

“We got to do something, I don’t think we can continue as status quo, based on all the information. We need to have a good discussion tomorrow and hopefully the president of Sandridge will be in attendance to answer questions,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom.

Last week Sias said it was the city that first went to Sandridge for the Jamestown Center.

“They asked us to do something extraordinary, extraordinary, they asked us to build a building for the government,” said Commissioner Sammie Sias.

Commissioner Sias was back at that building Saturday for his regular monthly breakfasts. However commissioners voted to remove him from the operation and management of Jamestown.

“The government wasn’t firm in saying ‘absolutely he can’t go in there for his monthly breakfasts’,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Frantom.

“Was that a good thing to do though?”

“No, of course not,” said Frantom.

The city has other agreements with other organizations to run rec facilities like the Soccer Park, Eastview Mach Academy, Hickman Park. I asked Mayor Pro-Tem Frantom if one agreement goes, should they all go? He said not necessarily.

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