Commissioners speak for;against mask mandate


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) The Marshal’s Office which provides security at the Municipal Building says you can’t come into the building without a mask, the Mayor trying to mandate this for private establishments across Augusta the Governor’s Office says you can’t do that but some Augusta commissioners say I don’t care.

Some commissioners say mandating masks is something the city needs to face especially with covid cases on the rise.

“So I don’t see anything wrong with the mayor saying if you are going to come into our facilities you’re going to have to mask up,” said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

The Governor’s Office saying mask mandates in cities like Augusta are unenforceable because they go beyond the orders put in place by the state.

But doesn’t the mayor have a better understanding of what’s needed in Augusta than the governor?

“The governor gets daily updates from all over the state of Georgia the Governor knows I’m pretty sure what’s going on in the state of Georgia what this ends up being is pretty much a power play,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

For the Tax Commissioners what’s in play is a lot of people coming to the south Augusta tag office, masks are being required but they are being handed out to those who don’t have and so there hasn’t been an issue.

“As soon as they come in offer them the ability to have that mask and we have not been rebuffed by anyone in taking that mask and applying that while they’re doing the transaction,” said Tax Commissioner Steven Kendrick.

So masks are being worn, as the Mayor is accused of engaging in a power play with the mask mandate.

But commissioner Bill Fennoy doesn’t believe the order is out of order.

” I support the Mayor 100 percent,” said Commissioner Fennoy.

“Even though this puts the city on a collision course with state orders?”

“If that’s what happens, I don’t have a problem with that,” said Commissioner Fennoy.

Now right now the Mayor’s ends at might night August 8th however the mayors order does allow him to extend it.

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