Commissioners says big severance deals a mistake


When it comes to approving  severance pay   Commissioner Marion Williams believes city leaders went too far. 

 “I mean that don’t make good sense,I mean this is taxpayer money we’re talking about this ain’t personal money if you want to do  it with your money that’s one thing,” says Commissioner Marion Williams. 

The deal negotiated with  City Administrator Janice Jackson and Attorney  Andrew MacKenzie to resign, had commissioners agreeing to  12 months severance for each, that will cost more than 300 thousand dollars.

Commissioner Williams says  both were entitled to be paid. but their contracts said they would get up to six months  severance. 

 “Now we’re talking about a whole year, they might as well still be working if that’s the case I think that’s  something the commission may have made a mistake on we got to go back and look at it I don’t think that is something legally we can do,” said Commissioner Williams. 

Other Commissioners are also getting sticker shock at the cost of   severance packages for directors. 

“This is absolutely ridiculous that we are paying out all of this money they we got to hire somebody in to do the job that we’re paying somebody else not to do the job,” says Commissioner John Clarke. 

Now comes Recreation and Parks Director Glenn Parker he’s requesting 14 weeks severance, but under his contract he is entitled. 

‘I think we will discuss that more next Tuesday but it’s definitely its one of those issues I think us as a commission body need to address  these severance packages,” says Commissioner Brandon Garrett. 

“The contract says they should get six months and that’s what they should get I mean you’re going to give them more than that I mean to be gone,” says Commissioner Marion Williams. 

Commissioner Williams says he will bring up the 12 month severance deals  during next week’s legal meeting, saying, the city had deals already in place for six month packages. 

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