AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Augusta commissioners are facing the biggest ambulance service vote in years.

“I mean this is too big a decision for a committee to have conversations with all three and not bring us all the scoring and have a robust conversation,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

Monday, three companies submitted proposals to get Augusta’s ambulance business. A city staff committee is reviewing the bids, but what information do commissioners want to see before Thursday’s vote?

“I want the process to play out like the way that it does with any other contract procurement brings to us, and typically we do get to see those scorings, if something changes, I really want to know why,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Brandon Garrett.

Commissioners are expecting staff to recommend one of the three companies, but also say they want to see the evaluations on the other two bids.

“Absolutely, absolutely that way we know from a metric standpoint what it was that they scored and where did they score it in because that’s important,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

City leaders must approve an ambulance contract Thursday to apply to the state by Friday’s deadline to get the county ambulance zone, making Thursday’s vote a make-or-break decision.

“If they truly want us to have the zone, then we have to talk about all three companies, why did they determine this, it might be unprecedented, but this is an unprecedented time, a commission has never been put their backs against the wall on such a serious decision,” said Commissioner Frantom.

Mayor Johnson said he doesn’t know what information city leaders will be getting on the bids, saying we’ll find out Thursday.