Commissioners say Sias accusations will be discussed


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta Commissioners got the bombshell accusations against Commissioner Sammie Sias on Tuesday, they meet again this coming Tuesday and they have a lot of questions. Next week they will be looking for answers.

Issues at Jamestown Community Center will be discussed at next week’s commission legal session.

“Well there’s some serious allegations out there and we, as a commission, need to dig into a little deeper to see what, if any, actions going forward we need to take,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

After she was fired at Jamestown, Willa Hilton wrote city leaders, accusing Commissioner Sammie Sias of misusing tax dollars and mistreating children at the center.

And that he had alcohol, a loaded gun and would watch pornography at Jamestown.

“Are guns, alcohol or pornography banned from city community centers?”

“Absolutely,” said Interim Recreation and Parks Director Ron Houck,

Harold Cody says his five-year-old daughter lasted only one day in the Jamestown summer program last month because of Sammie Sias’ behavior.

“Are you surprised by these allegations?”

“No, I’m not surprised, I just wondered why it took so long because I had started to report it,” said Cody.

Sias has been connected to Jamestown for more than 20 years, when the Sandridge Community Association contracted with the city to run it.

Sias signature is on the 1998 agreement.

But two years ago, after he was elected, some commissioners called this a conflict and Sias agreed not to be the center manager.

But in her termination letter, Hilton is told if she has any questions, her point of contact is Sammie Sias.

“It’s my understanding, he is not suppose to be the manager or have an office out there anymore. The fact that he is still the point of contact as referenced by that termination letter, on the letter head I think, we definitely need to to take a closer look at that,” said Commissioner Garrett.

Hilton tells me that she brought her complaints to city officials last year and was told Commissioner Sias would not be involved at Jamestown. Sias for his part has called a press conference for Friday where he says he will address these allegations.

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