AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Augusta city leaders have been waiting for months to be presented with a new contract with Gold Cross, but commissioners put off discussing it in public on Tuesday.

“Because a discussion regarding contracts is not a public discussion at this point therefore, we couldn’t address the issue there and still there are some little things to work out,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

One detail is the city subsidy paid to Gold Cross, right now Augusta pays $650,000 a year. The proposed contract does not include an amount, but earlier this year the request was for the subsidy to increase to $1.6 million. 

“I think one point six is an excellent bargain to give Gold Cross for their services especially when they are going to dedicate a certain number of ambulances to Augusta,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

“Giving other entities money, we still have to tighten up the belt., and I just don’t see one point six million dollars,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.

In the deal, the city would get Gold Cross to commit to a minimum number of ambulances on duty and tracking systems to help with response times, but some city leaders say the contract isn’t ready for commissioners to approve.

“I know there is some things that both sides haven’t agreed to that’s in this contract, which is kind of interesting that it’s being brought to us when both parties haven’t agreed to it yet,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

The city and Gold Cross have been working for months to finalize a contract, but it appears more work is needed.