Commissioners say Lock and Dam suit needed announcement


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta commissioners are wondering why the mayor didn’t make a bigger deal out of a lawsuit.

Friday, the city joined South Carolina in a suit against the Army Corps of Engineers. They want to stop the Corps from destroying the Lock and Dam.

Commissioners agreed to the move in their legal session, but still…

“I don’t keep track of the Mayor’s schedule but I still think we need to make a formal announcement to let everybody know what’s in the lawsuit, to let people see the process going forward, you know, this is too big of an issue to not inform the people about,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

“Some commissioners critical that we just filed it and did not let the public know what we were doing…was that a mistake?”

“Absolutely not, again we tend to talk too much in Augusta and we talk about things we don’t know, we don’t understand,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

The Corps says if the dam goes the level of the upstream pool drops by two feet.

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