Commissioners ready to act on Lake Olmstead Stadium


For Augusta leaders the time has come to put  Lake Olmstead Stadium back in play   

 “I think it’s where we need to go I think we waited maybe a little bit too long the stadium has been sitting there we don’t want it to go down any farther we need to do some enhancements to it,” says Commissioner Marion Williams. 

Friday city leaders toured the old stadium, now this week Commissioner Sean Frantom is asking a commission committee to evaluate the needs at the stadium and then move forward on making the renovations. 

 “Well I’m hoping we can get some of the safety  and necessities cleanup we’ve got events and festivals looking at the facility and we need to get it done,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom. 

During Friday’s tour city leaders were impressed with the stadium and ready to support it’s conversion to a concert site. 

“I  really think though that it’s worth it to move forward and try to bring some new acts and events here and it would be good for the community,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Mary Davis. 

But during the tour cost estimates were  handed  out saying  an overall fix of the stadium, would cost $640 thousand dollars. 
“Is that what you want to spend to get it cleanup up?”

 “No absolutely not I’m talking about necessity things fixing the deck fixing the walls taking down the facades on the wall cleaning it up,” said Commisisoner Frantom.

“Over time we probably going to spend that kind of money over time George but I don’t think we need to do that now to get it started,” said Commissioner Marion Williams. 

The recommendation in the 2019 budget is calling for the city to spend 200- thousand dollars to hold four events at Lake Olmstead staduim but the recommendation also says revenues from the events will not only cover the 200 thousand dollars it  but would bring in an additional 90-thousand dollars to the city.

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