AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — The new pedestrian bridge and its plaques recognizing Jefferson Davis are now under a legal cloud.

“I don’t believe it was a mistake at all, we knew the lawsuit was going to come I think we are in good standing only time will tell,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.  

Last month, commissioners voted to change the name of the new pedestrian bridge, and remove all the plaques recognizing Confederate President Jefferson Davis, now a lawsuit is attempting to put this to a halt.

“The county commission if they take down these plaques, it’s a violation of the state law, and we’re here to defend the law, that’s the reason for the lawsuit,” said Carl Mixon of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  

And the reason the vote to remove the signs was not unanimous.  

“It shouldn’t be the local government’s decision, we shouldn’t be doing that; it should be left up to the state and that’s where I stood on it, and I voted no,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.

Commissioners were accused of breaking state law, and now facing a lawsuit, so was the bridge vote a mistake?

“No, I don’t think the bridge was a mistake at all, it’s time to take a stand on tough subjects, I think the Augusta commission made a decision and however this plays out in the courts it plays out in the courts,” said Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

“I really don’t see the problem, I took the stand because there needs to be a change,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.  

“I believe it was the right decision for me to vote for it to come down and be removed I’m going to stand on that,” said Commissioner Mason.

But with the lawsuit, the plagues recognizing Davis continue to stand.