Commissioners raise concerns about Mayor’s new SUV


The SUV, is now in place to transport the Mayor but some commissioners feel this isn’t  a good deal. 

“Now I’m hearing about sunroof and the expensive wheels and stuff on it this is taxpayer money he’s using I’ve got some issue with that,” says Commissioner Marion Williams. 

The mayor’s new SUV delivered last week cost more than 56 thousand dollars. including 26 hundred dollars extra for sunroof and entertainment package, and 27 hundred dollars for 22 inch chrome wheels. and some city leaders say this isn’t  what they approved.  

 “He should have maintained the area of 45 thousand dollars somewhere  in there without going through proper channels to get the increase from the commission I don’t think it was done properly,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

“I want to know who put this proposal together Central services did this if our Fleet Manager did this somebody needs to give me some answers why it was fast-tracked like this and not going through the normal process,” says Commissioner Marion  Williams. 

“I think he should have came back to the commission but the mayor is the mayor sometimes you have to understand your role and what  role you want to play and sometimes they’re different roles,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

“By circumventing those channels going through under hand I don’t know what else was done wrong I don’t know who else cut a deal. something don’t pass the smell test with me on this and I’m going to look into it,” says Commissioner Marion Williams. 

 The mayor couldn’t be reached for comment, commissioners will be taking this up at their meeting Tuesday Commissioner  Marion Williams will also be asking why there was no public hearing after commissioners decided the car would not be decaled he says that’s required by state law. 

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