Commissioners raise concerns about depot project


Last fall it was being heralded now city leaders expressing concerns that this project will not get off the ground.

The shine shines brightly on the site for the depot project, but some city leaders think the sun is now setting on the city’s involvement in this massive development.

“Well in my mind I think it is I think we gave them all the time to do what they need to do they hadn’t done that,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.

Augusta Commissioners have approved issuing 14 million dollars in bonds for this project .

But Commissioners getting this e-mail last week saying the developers still haven’t provided a business plan, project budget, or design plans and the due diligence period ended June 30th.

“As long as we’ve been working on the project,the developer has the information that’s required if they don’t then we have to look at taking a different avenue,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Margaret Woodard of the Downtown Development Authority has been working on this project for three years and says the developer is working to provide the documents mentioned in the e-mail but adds those were not under any deadline to be in the city’s hands.

“Those are documents that are not time sensitive they do not have a dead line date except they have to be submitted before the bonds are issued,” said Woodard.

The E-mail also brought up parking where the city committed to providing parking space to Unisys, which is now on the site , but the depot project is calling for a parking deck, one that might have to be made larger .

“If the garage is larger that increases the costs,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Woodard says she plans to address commission concern on Tuesday when city leaders are scheduled to discuss the depot project.

“You’re only hearing one side of the story,” said Woodard.

“And you’re going to tell the other?”

“And I’m going to tell the other side tomorrow,” said Woodard.

Now while some Commissioners are expressing doubts in this project now Woodard says she is still planning for a late groundbreaking in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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