Commissioners question public safety vehicle requests


Augusta, Ga (WJBF) It takes a lot of vehicles and money to keep Augusta public safety on the move SPLOST funds have been routinely used to replace vehicles but this year commissioners raising questions about the administrator’s recommendations.   

 They have answered the call but even after years on the road some Augusta commissioners are not ready to rubber stamp any request for funds to replace aging patrol cars.  

“We pay three million a year plus to maintain our vehicles but we’re still buying new ones that don’t add up that’s don’t make good sense that’s not good government,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.  

 The request the commission is looking at is 18 million dollars to replace public safety vehicles.  

 Nearly 13 million for Sheriff’s cars the rest for the other branches of public safety. 

But some commissioners want to know if all these vehicles have to go 

“Are we buying vehicles when we still have vehicles that are still useful and are, we replacing vehicles for lack of a better term with very little or nothing wrong with them that is our concern,” said Commissioner Sammie Sias. 

 But other city leaders say cars wear out and will continue to while the next SPLOST is in place.  

 “I don’t want any of the deputies riding around in raggedy vehicles because it puts the deputies at risk and the other drivers at risk,” said Commissioner Bill Fennoy. 

But in the 2015 SPLOST  9 million dollars was approved for public safety vehicles, now the amount is 18 million, that’s a big increase.   

“It is this SPLOST still needs a lot of work because there’s money going into some things that shouldn’t even be, “said Commissioner John Clarke. 

Mayor Davis suggesting a subcommittee to look into the cities vehicle replacement policy meanwhile I’m asking if 18 million is too much for public safety vehicles do, they have an acceptable amount that has yet to be determined in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6. 

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