AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It was a new experience for budgeting and spending $82 million in Rescue Act funds now commissioners are looking at where they have been with the Rescue Act dollars and where they need to go.

Commissioners have a road map for rescue act funds as they prepare for the second phase of dollars to come in.  

“If we follow the plan that we, have we should do well and progress even beyond how much this money would provide right now,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.  

 But some city leaders are questioning plans to put ten and a half million dollars in Rescue Act Funds into the general fund over the next two years. 

 Some commissioners say that money should go to specific projects instead, 

“You could use it for streetlights, you could use it for public safety, you could use it for Parks and Rec there are all sorts of different uses we could do and yet we’re going to put it into the General Fund,” said Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

“Do you like that ten million going into the General Fund?  

“Not presently no, it needs to remain where it is,” said Commissioner Williams.  

There’s nearly 11 million Rescue Act dollars commissioners have not budgeted yet, with some   suggesting dividing that money evenly among the members to spend in their districts. 

We are going to have some things that we’re going to have to deal with real soon that’s going to take priority with that money that’s going to be beneficial to the entire county versus just the individual districts,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.   

“I don’t think there is any interest in having a million-dollar divvied up among each district I don’t think that sets a good precedent and honestly I don’t think the public trusts us enough to see us use it that way,” said Commissioner Garrett.  

With tens of millions of dollars in decisions still to make commissioners know they have to put their heads together, that is why a Rescue Act work session is being planned.