Commissioners question Marshal on security equipment


Before last month Commissioners like Marion Williams would come to the Municipal Building and bypass security , but not any more.

“I think it should be done it’s the signs of the times George, people are getting crazy,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

The machine scanning everyone now entering the Municipal Building has been in place since day one.
This prompted the Marshal to go the the administrator with an emergency purchase to spend 24 thousand dollars for new one, something the administrator has the authority to do as long as it’s cost less than 25 thousand dollars.

“I think that it’s legitimate, the machine has been here about 15, 16 years, I think with the extra load I think it’s needed,” said Commissioner Bobby Williams.

But the Marshal’s Office did not want to stop with one new X-ray machine and made the request for a second one.

“I don’t thing we need two I think we talked about one personally we didn’t talk about any and I want to be very clear about that,” said Commissione Ben Hasan.

“If we needed equipment if he had told us that we could have said yes or no he said in the meeting no he did not need any more equipment,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

But the Marshal’s office says the discussion was not creating a log jam when screening everyone.

“We we’re asked if we could do it at the same speed t when we said we would obviously need another machine to do it with the same speed that’s where this all came from I don’t know why there’s confusion no one’s mislead anyone,” said Scott Peebles, Chief Deputy Marshal.

“Are you just butting heads with the Marshal about who is in charge?”

“I’m going to butt heads with anybody whose wrong he is not right with this George it’s not about butting heads it’s about what’s doing right for the taxpayer,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Commissioners learned that one new X ray machine has already been purchased and it just waiting to be delivered, city leaders did not okay a second one so that is going through the normal bidding process that will have to be approved by the commission in the end.

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