Commissioners push to return to meetig in person


 Augusta, Ga (WJBF)  It’s been almost ten months have met in person instead of holding these constantly late long running virtual meetings commissioners saying it’s getting in the way of conducting city business there is a strong  desire to get back into chambers the question still is where will that happen.

Its one topic city leaders are talking about the need to go back to meeting in person

So we can take care of business in the environment that its meant to be taken care of I think since we’ve been out of chambers it’s just gone to pot,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

City leaders  were first ready to return to the chambers  in  October,  Plexiglass  was installed to separate the people attending, the  seats for the audience blocked off for social distancing.

“Looking at other cities and they’re in their chambers and they’re not surrounded by plexiglass or any protections like we are,” said Clarke.

New commissioners are waiting to put their name plates at  their seats in the chambers, and are making a case to go back to in person. 

“If our employees are going into the Municipal Building to work on behalf of Augusta certainly the lawmakers can go back into the Municipal Building to work on behalf of Augusta but  we have to do it in a way that  is safe,” said Commissioner Jordon Johnson.

But there are more cases of COVID now then when commissioners first stopped meeting in person.

“As far as with the COVID cases and where were at you’re not going to see us back in those chambers until the COVID cases are less,” said Commissioner Frantom.

 “I don’t think we are at that place  The COVID numbers too significant  we’re  not at that place,” said Mayor Hardie Davis.

Commissioners have voted to resume their committee meetings starting  in February that should help reduce the length of commission meetings those meetings though will also be virtual in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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