Commissioners make case for, not one, but two lobbyists


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Augusta officials, believing to tap into new sources of state federal resources, they’re going to have to spend some resources by hiring lobbyists to bang the drum on the city’s behalf.

There are lawmakers representing Augusta under the golden dome in Atlanta, but city leaders want reinforcements.

“As a government entity we need our voices to be heard, on the federal and state level and it just makes good sense it’s always something I felt was needed,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

“It gives us easier access to some funding to have someone speak on our behalf,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Commissioners approved the lobbyist for Atlanta Tuesday, but the city ad seeking proposals was already out last Friday.

It’s going to cost money but how much?

“That’s the whole question right there and in my opinion it maybe more than one lobbyist, actually George, because we have so many different moving parts,” said Commissioner Alvin Mason.

The city is moving on its Atlanta lobbyist, but Commissioners want to move on one for federal lawmakers as well.

“There’s a possibility we will try Washington D.C. as well as Atlanta I think it’s a good thing, I think it’s moving forwards I think it’s progressive,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Bobby Williams.   

“I think if we’re going to be a growing city and stop being small town Augusta, we need to have more representation I Atlanta and D.C I don’t know what it all looks like yet but it’s something I support,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom. 

And while sources of revenue from COVID relief and infrastructure legislation are new, hiring a lobbyist is not a new idea, in fact when Bob Young was mayor the city had a lobbyist in Atlanta and Washington D.C.

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