AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The popular Saturday Market has more people than power. 

Last year commissioners approved $200 thousand dollars to upgrade the electrical system, but the project came in over budget, so another 125 thousand dollars has been approved.

“When you average five to seven thousand, on a Saturday downtown 70 businesses you have a lot of people starting their entrepreneurial business down at the market it’s important we get that right,” says Commissioner Sean Frantom.  

Nearby at the Augusta Common things are not all right, the problem for some, the large trees that ring the area. 

“The trees in the Common I’ll just say we got the wrong trees, in the Common, as we got the wrong trees on Broad Street and that’s part of the problem,” said Commissioner John Clarke.  

The complaints are the trees block the view of the stage during events and the roots are damaging the sidewalks. 

“We got to do what’s best for Augusta and the experience and for that experience down at the Augusta Common we need to cut down the trees or limb them up significantly,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom. 

Roy Simkins chairs the Augusta Tree commission and he’s not on board with getting rid of any trees in The Common.  

“That’s terrible news, I know that the commission has done some foolish things over the years but, but I mean this takes the cake,” said Simkins. 

Other commissioners also do not want to see trees removed.

“We need shade, and hey without trees down there it would look naked, just look bare, we don’t need to be doing all that,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight. 

Parts of downtown, getting more power, and maybe less shade.

Commissioners voting to have the Tree Commission report back on the situation in the Common in 30 days.