Commissioners have new plans for old baseball stadium


A big question for Augusta’s Lake Olmstead area is what the future holds for the city-owned baseball stadium. 

With the long time tenant Augusta GreenJacktets hitting the road for a new ballpark, the city is considering its options. 

Augusta University is using it now for baseball games, and has an interest in taking it over.

Some Augusta commissioners say it would be a great outdoor concert venue. 

“The infrastructure is there and we own that piece of property, we could look at a possibility of a  mixed use facility, if that’s feasible, I don’t want to give up the idea of an amphitheater that we can have outdoor venues right here in Augusta,” says Commissioner Andrew Jefferson. 

Recreation officials are in the process of  getting a mobile stage, so the stadium could be used for concerts. They say turning it into a full time amphitheater would require extensive renovations not to mention concerns about a lack of parking. 

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