Commissioners don’t see Juvenile Court in old LEC


Augusta Commissioners will begin the new year facing an old issue the future of the Law Enforcement Center and whether it should be saved from the wrecking ballf for movie making as well as Juvenile Court and whether the bulding is big enought for both of that.

The old LEC, could be seen by millions in the movies say some Augusta Commissioners, if it is saved.

“We can absolutely wait a year or two years we really want to wait until suicide squad comes out in 2021to see the impact of that movie,” says Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom.

But last week the full commission voted not to delay the old LEC’s demolition, saying there are questions about putting the Juvenile Court in there.

“Judge Brown has asked for space for Juvenile Court for quite a while,we tried to work out something and we’re still looking for something,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Juvenile Court wants the old LEC but officials say they are willing to work with movie makers.

‘The city can use it for both purposes you know they can use it on weekends to make all the movies they want to make we could use it during the week,’’ says Juvenile Court Chief Judge Douglas Flanagan.

But some commissioners don’t think that arrangement will work.

Commissioner Brandon Garrett

‘’Can juvenile Court and the movie makers share the same space?’’

“No that building is not even ready for anybody to move in,” says Commissioner Brandon Garrett.

‘I don’t think that is possible, nobody has discussed that with me it would be strictly for film use we know we need to something for juvenile courts system and we we’re going to work to do that through SPLOST 8 but I wouldn’t be a proponent of that,’’ says Mayor Pro-Tem Frantom.

Mayor Pro-Tem Frantom. wants to delay the demolition of the Law Enforcement Center and believes commissioners will be going along saying movie makers will be coming in in January to talk about the potential jobs the movies there will create in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6

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